Importance of Travel Safety


“With more people travelling overseas every year for business and leisure to a vast range of destinations, travellers’ expectations are that all accommodation and associated services, regardless of their destination of choice, should be safe. The safety and welfare of travellers, for holidays or business trips, should be a priority for travel providers, tourism accommodation providers and destination authorities”.

ABTA – The Travel Association, London, 2017


The Royal Life Saving Society – Commonwealth (November 2017)

The Royal Life Saving Society is very pleased to announce that Dr Jeff Wilks has been honoured with the Diploma Award for his significant contribution to our knowledge in the areas of drowning, near drowning, lifesaving and lifeguarding, through his diverse contributions to water safety and drowning prevention across the areas of scuba diving, lifesaving, beach and recreational water safety.

The Diploma is one of the Society’s oldest and most prestigious international awards. The RLSS Diploma is awarded to individuals and groups who have added to our knowledge in ways that can save lives and prevent drowning.

Recent Industry Reports

Wilks, J. (2018). Certified fit to dive. Tourism in Marine Environments, 13(1), 53-54.

Wilks, J. (2017). Tourism and aquatic safety: No lifeguard on duty - Swim at your own risk. Tourism in Marine Environments, 12 (3-4), 211-219.

Wilks, J. & Chesters, W. (2017). Visitor health considerations for the 2018 Commonwealth Games – Queensland, Australia. Travel Law Quarterly, 9-21.

School and University Duties of Care

Schools and universities have particular duties of care to their students and this is an emerging area of travel safety where detailed risk management plans must be in place.

Tourism Safety provides policy advice, design, planning and evaluation to support education providers fulfil their duty of care to students. Legal reports are also available in litigation matters.

Reports for Legal Proceedings

Tourism Safety acts for both plaintiff and defendant parties in legal proceedings by providing expert reports to the courts.

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